Teaching from the Heart

‘Teaching from the Heart’ is a series of 100 inspirational messages for teachers and all those involved or interested in the education of young people. In a way, it's as relevant and important for parents of school-age children as it is for teachers, as it invites the reader to consider what we are really trying to do, on the deepest level, when we educate our young people in institutions that have largely outlasted their usefulness. It is a passionate plea for us not to forget the humanity that unites us and gives us our intrinsic value.


Written by a teacher with over 27 years' experience, it comes from a place of real understanding and from an educator who has genuine respect, compassion and love for Teachers and Students alike. In retrospect, I realise that this book was my parting gift to a profession that gave me so much for so many years... In spite of all the difficulties, setbacks and heartache, I'd do it all again!


“Teachers are givers: generous with their time, their care and their attention. They hold dear the values that society as a whole often forgets or abandons but which are the ones that make us and keep us fully human...”

What people are saying about the Book:


"Fabulous! I love the meditations...a reminder that we are privileged to be teachers and that teaching is a joy."


"Beautiful to look at and hold -- readable in small thoughtful intervals. It is a wonderful and thought-provoking compilation."



"...I couldn't put it down. Thank-you for reminding me why I do what I do."




"An inspiring book...it gives me back my joy in teaching."



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