Jewelry and Sculpture Through Unit Construction
Patricia Meyerowitz
Patricia Meyerowitz was my aunt. She was a sculptor and a jewellery-maker who grew up in North London but who later emigrated to the United States where she lived, first of all in a New York loft and then later she and her husband, Jacob, were instrumental in setting up an artistic community in the town of Easton. They lived there for the rest of their lives and she became a well-known member of that community. There is a large piece of her work on permanent display in the town.
When she died a few years ago my brother, sister and I were her only beneficiaries. Jacob had passed on some years previously and they had never had children of their own. As such, we were left with a modest body of work from both of them (Jacob was also an accomplished artist, writer, musician and more...) and a large responsibility: to look after and promote Patricia's legacy. There are not that many modernist jewellers of note and Patricia's work stands out not only for its design and beauty but for the quality of its execution. Pieces of her work are held in the V & A Collection in London and in The Hirshhorn Collection in the United States.
You can see examples of her work here: 
One of Patricia's greatest legacies is her book. This is an incredibly thorough and generous piece of work from an artist who clearly had no issues about giving away the knowledge and skills that she had worked so hard to amass in the interests of helping others. The original book has been out of print for a long time and after Patricia's death, the copyright holders were kind enough to give over all rights to the book to her beneficiaries. There are still copies of the original (in more than one printing) available if you care to search for them but we are delighted to also be able to offer a new edition.
It is a reprinted version of the original which was first published in 1967. It has a new cover and a new introduction but the text has not been altered and it includes copies of all the original illustrations by Jacob Mayerowitz as well as copies of the original photographs by Patricia's good friend, Tony Stone.
The book remains relevant and useful, a practical guide for all those interested in making jewellery and those interested in the contructivist principles that Patricia employed to such powerful and beautiful effect.
For more on Patricia's work, follow this link: 


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