This new series of the Sherlock Holmes short stories aims to recapture the atmosphere and spirit of originals; to stay as true as possible to the language and imagery of Conan Doyle while at the same time, updating where necessary to make the stories readily accessible to a young, modern reader. (Age 11 to adult) The stories have not been simplified and they will still present a challenge to many readers. They have been edited with a light touch in such a way that their drama, intensity and mystery remain undiluted. Hopefully, though, the challenge will be an enjoyable one that will allow readers to immerse themselves in Holmes's world and follow him as he and Dr Watson explore the darkness of those London streets and the darker shadows of the human mind. This first volume contains the first four stories originally published in 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' which are: 'A Scandal in Bohemia,' 'The Adventure of the Red-Headed League,' 'A Case of Identity' and 'The Boscombe Valley Mystery.'

The First Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The original Sherlock Holmes Stories Re

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